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Welcome to the Purgatory

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Welcome To The Purgatory

Welcome to the Purgatory, a space for a specific person to stay at... mostly a safe space, you could say... Anyways, on a less complicated introduction...

Welcome to rotaryphoney.neocities.org, a personal website that has different ( unfinished) pages you could look at, some fandom related stuff, rants, all of that stuff and a playlist that has several tunes and music you can listen to while navigating through the purgatory!

To do list

  • Make an alt layout for nekoweb
  • Redo some pages
  • Add a theme changer (themes are below this)
    • dark
    • space/celestial
    • tsp layout
  • Create art page
  • Update about page
  • Create blog page
  • Update (current) shrine pages
    • Pick a definite layout for each shrine
  • Make secret pages
  • idk make a jjk webring??


Sorted [mm/dd/yy]

03.03.24 - hi v7, major site overhaul
02.17.24 - bye bye "I can't tell if the purgatory is in between life or death." :( oh and abt me page up!
02.12.24 - index overhaul
02.06.24 - some polishing with the layout
01.31.24 - Redid the whole layout of the shrines page :D
12.31.23 - moving the to do list somewhere else that'll be fitiing :]
12.30.23 - status.cafe thing added :]
12.29.23 - resources added!
12.27.23 - shrine directory page added!
12.24.23 - welcome to rotaryphoney plus!!

Cool Sites

Visit Melonking.Net! jeith bisha.neocities.org mandarin's button

Additional Content

Some stuff will be updated, like the pages, please wait for a bit, im also busy with personal stuff, so i really apologize if updates are slow..!
in the meantime, have my botton..

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